Exceeding Expectations

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  • JBT Corporation has adopted the latest in non-destructive gauging techniques and equipment to allow for advanced material development.
  • Standardized product testing is available on site with state of the art dynamometers.
  • Specialized customer specific dynamometers are developed and fabricated with our test equipment group.
  • JBT has close relationships established with accredited outside testing labs to supplement any required customer requirements.
  • JBT offers engineering assistance at whatever level you require. Among the services we provide are the review of applications, material recommendations and analysis of designs for cost optimization.
  • We’re also able to modify our equipment to match specific operating requirements. And in many cases, we’ve installed customer equipment in order to perform specific application testing.
  • Rigorous testing in our own labs assures uniform results before production begins, and continuous checks throughout the manufacturing process ensure product integrity.
  • Our Research and Development Center provides first-quality answers to your bonded clutch and brake needs. The Center houses our own custom-designed and built state-of-the-art dynamometer for evaluating friction material performance. It delivers infinitely variable speed control, constant torque at any level and is operated and monitored in a way that allows virtually any set of variables to be examined during testing.



About Us

JBT Corporation is centrally located just north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with research and fabrication facilities nearby. While we’re small enough to provide personal attention to individual application requirements, we’re sizable enough to handle orders in large volume. And whether you need 100 parts or millions, we’re interested in your order.

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"JBT has provided a new level of service and we appreciate the continued attention to quality" - C. Gilmore, Jr.
"When I saw the parts roll in ahead of schedule I can't express the relief I felt. We met our deadline thanks to your efforts." - D. Breitbach
"Our transition to JBT Corp has been smooth and the products have exceeded our expectations. In a short time JBT has made our list as a top supplier." - T. Dossman
"On time. Good quality. Responsive. Exactly what we've been looking for." - L.E. Paul