Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world come to JBT Corporation for our ability to rubber mold to your specific application. We have all of the capabilities of a large global contract manufacturer, but with the added personal touch only a smaller provider can offer. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification along with our mixing capabilities ensure that every product manufactured at our Grafton, Wisconsin facility is of the highest quality available.

Custom Rubber Molding Capabilities

Custom rubber molding is one of our core capabilities at JBT Corporation. We keep costs under control using our custom blending technology. This technology takes powdered nitrile rubber and solvates it into thick viscous consistency. Into the blends, our experts may introduce a variety of tested and trusted binders, fillers, and additives to lower costs and target specific physical and performance characteristics. Because our background is in friction materials, our rubber molded products have excellent abrasive and thermal properties.

With our mixing capabilities, we produce rubber compounds that have been extremely well-mixed at the molecular level. This level of mixing facilitates better cost control with targeted characteristics for your individual application.

We work with customers in a variety of industries, including lawn and garden, residential and commercial appliances, industrial equipment manufacturers, and more. Some of the rubber goods we produce include:

  • Boots, Bumpers, Bushings
  • Caps, Connectors, Covers, and Cushions
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Grommets
  • Isolators, Pads, and Plugs
  • Rollers and Friction Wheels

Our rubber molding services also include overmolding and insert molding. We can provide overmolding or insert molding for most steel components, including rods, wheels, plates, and drums.


The JBT Corporation Difference

Producing high-quality components is essential to our culture at JBT Corporation, and we take pride in our high on-time delivery percentages and low PPM rates. Many of the products we fabricate for our customers have safety-related purposes, so we’ve implemented very strict quality control measures into our production lines. When you partner with JBT for your custom rubber molding needs, you can feel confident knowing you will receive only premium-quality goods.

We can handle production volumes of any size, from single parts to very high volumes. We can also work with blanket orders that fulfill based on your Just-in-Time delivery schedule.

To see how our custom rubber molding capabilities can support your project, please contact us today.

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