JBT Corporation manufactures friction materials for use in commercial and industrial applications. We operate as an approved supplier for many major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world, having secured our position in the global marketplace through precision craftsmanship, exceptional quality control, and superior customer service.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer based in Grafton, Wisconsin, we specialize in producing a variety of premium wet and dry running friction material components. We work with client drawings to produce appliance brakes, cone brakes, flat plate clutches, extruded and molded dry friction materials, law mower blade components, and much more. We offer the personal attention of a smaller contract manufacturer combined with the production volume capabilities of a large provider. We can handle orders ranging from single parts to millions.

Friction Materials Capabilities

Friction Materials Capabilities
At JBT Corporation, we specialize in providing friction materials used in brake and clutch assemblies. Our advanced capabilities allow us to customize the friction coefficient of the materials to meet the needs of your specific assembly designs. We can also target specific physical characteristics to facilitate predictable wear. This allows OEMs to reliably inform users about appropriate replacement timelines.

We primarily manufacture rubber-based, low-energy, dry friction materials using extrusion and molding. We develop and manufacture all extruded and molded dry friction materials in-house. Our experts can customize a wide range of material characteristics based on the specific requirements of your product. Our capabilities include state-of-the-art blending, mixing, extrusion, and curing processes that yield the highest quality materials available.

We offer insight on material choices based on client drawings. Our team will provide customers with samples for testing to ensure materials are well-suited to their designs and applications. We provide bench testing in-house for friction materials using dynamometers and can help to screen current linings, set parameters, and identify optimal friction coefficients.


Dry Running Friction

Dry running friction materials make up a substantial portion of our business, granting us insight into the needs of customers in the industries we serve. Some of the dry running friction products we most commonly produce include:

Lawn Mower Blade Components

We work with OEMs to produce blade brake arms, disks, and assemblies for lawnmowers. Our lawnmower blade components offer benefits such as:

  • Dry friction materials formulated to meet specific product requirements
  • Highly automated manufacturing processes that reduce production costs
  • High reliability and durability to maximize performance

Appliance Brakes

JBT Corporation develops and manufactures brakes used in residential and commercial appliances. Our appliance brakes offer significant advantages, including:

  • Single-piece molded friction components
  • Easy assembly and serviceability
  • Produced using state-of-the-art molding processes and equipment

Oil Friction Paper

We develop and manufacture paper-based cellulose materials for use in oil-immersed clutch and brake applications. The oil between two plates absorbs the energy of the brake, after which the oil must be pumped out and back into the clutch pack. We custom groove our oil friction paper solutions to facilitate higher or lower oil flows based on customer needs.

The JBT Corporation Difference

Producing quality components is an essential part of our culture at JBT Corporation. We understand that brakes and clutches are a liability item, and we have built strict controls into all of our processes. As a result, we have implemented processes across our operation that facilitate low PPM rates and high on-time delivery percentages. We work with many customers that have extremely high expectations and that has influenced our entire operation.

We can handle orders of any size – no job is too big or small. We support Just-in-Time needs for our customers and have implemented Lean practices into our production processes.

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