When it comes to quality, there is no compromise

JBT Corporation's key cornerstone is quality and quality components. We are committed to quality products, on-time delivery, friendly customer service and satisfaction all at a competitive price. We are currently an approved supplier to several OEMs in the industry and are willing to tailor our processes to meet your requirements.

We also maintain a full complement of lab equipment for wet and dry testing and the development and modification of friction materials. Totally new materials or minor variations can be produced quickly and economically to find tailor-made solutions. JBT products not only meet the toughest performance standards, but also are environmentally responsible and designed to meet proposed EPA regulations.

Emphasizing defect prevention over defect detection, and assuring consistently high quality, our Quality Control staff is trained and experienced in the science of Statistical Process Control. SPC systems are employed both in pre-production and during fabrication, and complemented with well-planned manufacturing methods and inspection frequencies. All test and inspection equipment is constantly updated to provide the most advanced evaluation of product quality.

CMM Mitutoyo Bright

ICMM Mitutoyo Bright

Our Mitutoyo Bright CMM with intuitive CMM Manager software uses a 5 axis PH10M head that allows for quick manual or programmed dimensional verification of a your part. The software also allows for point and click measurements when a 3-D cad model is sync’d with the parts reference frame. This is just one of the many quality lab tools that allow us to stay ahead of the competition.

Oven Chart Recording

Oven Chart Recording

Our oven chart recording process assures continual quality tracking throughout our oven processes. Our logs are maintained for comparison purposes, to assure that no variations exist from one job to the next.


About Us

JBT Corporation is centrally located just north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with research and fabrication facilities nearby. While we’re small enough to provide personal attention to individual application requirements, we’re sizable enough to handle orders in large volume. And whether you need 100 parts or millions, we’re interested in your order.

Contact us today to learn more about what we do or to receive a comprehensive, no-obligation services quotation.


"JBT has provided a new level of service and we appreciate the continued attention to quality" - C. Gilmore, Jr.
"When I saw the parts roll in ahead of schedule I can't express the relief I felt. We met our deadline thanks to your efforts." - D. Breitbach
"Our transition to JBT Corp has been smooth and the products have exceeded our expectations. In a short time JBT has made our list as a top supplier." - T. Dossman
"On time. Good quality. Responsive. Exactly what we've been looking for." - L.E. Paul